The Shenker duo were a refreshing combination to help people re-awaken their bonds with their spouses. Their content, along with their humor and wit, enabled couples to take simple steps to bettering their marriages. Couples who follow their easy to implement procedures will be changed for the better.
-Rabbi Nachi Klein, Young Israel of Northridge

We were so excited when we heard that a husband and wife team will be addressing marriage issues to a mixed audience. There definitely is a high demand for such a program, as we constantly see couples struggling with their marriage. It didn’t take long for the audience to fall in love with their simple, down-to-earth and practical examples and strategies for building a successful marriage. With their witty and humorous presentation, they empowered the participants with the tools for greater communication with their spouses. Motti and Sharon’s personable style of delivery made the presentation all that more powerful as they used some of their own experiences in a marriage. In all, it was a very successful event!
-Rbtzn Cippy Louie, The Hebrew Discovery Center

When communication breaks down between husband and wife a woman needs someone to go to who they can trust to help them. Sharon Shenker has time and time again given me sounds advice from the Torah, or life experience that has helped me strengthen my marriage and mostly my sense of self worth.  She gives little pieces of truth that are easy to translate into your everyday relationship.

Learning the laws of Family Purity with Rabbi Shenker was stellar. Before the wedding, his custom-tailored advice helped us to handle many tricky family situations that we were not able to deal with on our own. After the wedding he has continued to bolster us and reinforce the principles of successful marriage.

I have never been impacted by any teacher on a level close to what the Shenkers have accomplished. Sharon literally prepared me for a successful marriage with advice and insight that even my own mother could not articulate! She continues to be my mainstay for marital advice.

The Shabbos Morning classes arranged and taught by the Shenkers have really improved my marriage. The topics discussed are implemented immediately and acted on all week long.  It just keeps getting better. It is such an honor to learn from accessible role models in the community. I have learned more from these sessions than from all the marriage books.

Sharon and Motti are wonderful. We would recommend them to any new or old couple looking to reconnect and learn how to appreciate their marriage.

Sharon made the experience of preparing for my wedding and marriage so much calmer and more enjoyable than I anticipated. Sharon dealt with my worries and discomfort with such sensitivity and love. Her guidance and support was invaluable. Not only was she a teacher but a mentor. She helped me to develop a healthy and positive perspective about my future relationship with my husband through her advice, patient listening and wise answers.