About Us

The two permanent lecturers for the JMI are Sharon Shenker and Rabbi Motti Shenker.

Sharon Shenker

Since 2002, Sharon has been providing women with relationship counseling and has built up a reputation as a person that listens well and offers down to earth, non-judgmental advice. Her obvious affection for all her students and enthusiasm for life leaves a deep impression.

Sharon is one of Los Angeles’ most highly sought after teachers for brides often up late into the night tirelessly trying to provide for the individual needs of each women. She is also an experienced teacher of the Principles for Parenting.

Sharon was born and raised in London, England where she developed a life long passion for drinking tea and eating marmite. She received training from the United Synagogue of Great Britain and is qualified to teach brides under the auspices of Rabbi Yitzhak Berkovitz of the Jerusalem Kollel. Sharon also holds a BA(Honors) in Public Relations and Marketing.

Motti Shenker

Motti’s sharp wit and penetrating insight have helped to build a reputation as an educator that can inform and inspire, his passion for everything that he teaches brings his students on a journey with him.

Motti is also a Londoner but had to travel all the way to Jerusalem Israel to meet the girl of his dreams who lived just a few miles away. He received rabbinical ordination in 2000 in Jerusalem, Israel. Motti has been the director of Aish HaTorah Los Angeles’ young couples division for two years and in that time he has been an innovator of programs. Motti is an experienced teacher, bringing the depths of Jewish wisdom to light in captivating and inspiring ways.

Together the Shenkers are forging a new path in the presentation of pre-marriage and marriage education. Their joint seminars have been extremely well received and will be filling a significant need in the community.