Oh Dear! I Seem to Have Lost a Child!

Earlier this week, on Veterans Day, I took my kids to Knott’s Berry Farm (our local amusement park), a boy was it busy. The older two kids were in a long line for the water ride, but the youngest wasn’t interested in waiting. I told him we would go and see what was happening off to the side, I finalized the plans with the other kids and when I turned around he was gone!

Being a cool, calm and collected parent who had lost the odd kid or two before I didn’t panic. I checked the nearby bathrooms (three times) and scanned the crowds for the cute little boy in the brown shirt with tears streaming down his face, but he was nowhere to be seen. It was time to get some help and just as I was telling one of the park’s employees what had happened, he reappeared.

And boy was he upset with me, not because he was lost or scared, but because I was taking so long to follow him! He knew where he was going, he just forgot to tell me.

I have never lost my wife, but it does happen that I assume she knows what I am thinking, or she knows what I want to do. When it suits us we imagine that our spouses have some kind of telepathic ability to always know what is going on inside our heads, and they will be tuned in to respond the way we want. We forget that we have to tell each other what it is we actually need.

Let’s say you are desperate for a vacation, you just have to get out of the routine and out of the city before you go out of your mind. Comments about being tired, needing a break or feeling claustrophobic will not get you to Hawaii. Take a deep breath, put a smile on your face and tell them what you need, unless you speak up for yourself, they are never going to know.

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