Why Men Can’t Win

If I were to make a list of the top ten complaints that I here from men about their wives (I would have to go into hiding), right at the top of the list would be, “As soon as I walk in the door she has a list of things for me to do, can’t I get a few minutes to myself first!”

There are meals to prepare, groceries to buy and trash cans to empty. If there are babies in the home, there are diapers to change and tantrums to calm. And it all has to be done NOW!

On the one hand the stay-at-home mom has spent the day building resentment about the endless chores and child-caring responsibilities and is waiting for her husband to share the burden. On the other hand, the guy feels like he hasn’t stopped all day, dealing with customers, clients or patients and then having to commute home too and all he wants is stop for a minute, after all his wife has been home all day.

All this adds up to only one thing — CONFLICT!!!!!

I just read a very insightful article that explains the miscommunication that is going on here. Men and women agree that there should be a fair sharing of the long list of family responsibilities and chores. The problem is, they don’t agree with what is on that list.

Men include the eight or ten hours every day they spend at work, this is why the feel that they have earned a break when they come home, women, as a rule, don’t. For women the list of household chores are just that, chores in and around the house, so they want their men to take on their fair share of those jobs.

There are many different ways to organize your family, and if you are both happy, your way is the right way. It doesn’t matter which way you prefer, but you do have to talk about it so you know you are choosing the same way.

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