The Lesson of the Flashing Grapes

This week we have been setting up our Sukkah ready for the holiday which starts on Sunday night, and as ever it is a bit of trip down memory lane. We reminisce happily about our first ever Sukkah and the one that fell down in the rain, then come the decorations, the cute stuff the kids made in pre-school and the picture of the great rabbi whose name we always forget.

Then I came to the flashing grapes. You see flashing grapes are not exactly my idea of classy sophisticated addition to our very special Sukkah experience, but they have a special place in my heart.

It was out first Sukkos in Los Angeles and we were hectically chasing our tails getting organized, and I visited one of the local Judaica stores. I came back and told Sharon, “You won’t believe what they are selling, flashing grapes!” A couple of days later Sharon came home with the above mentioned grapes, delighted that she had brought home for me the piece d’ resistance of our new Sukkah that she thought I had been longing for.

Crunch time! Option A: Send her back to the store deflated. Option B: Accept her and her gift. We are still married so I think I made the right choice by hanging up those grapes, and I have kinda come to love them too.

Happy marriages grow stronger and stronger when we make attempts to connect and when we are ready, open and willing to accept them. The grapes were Sharon’s way of trying to connect and give to me, it was my choice to move us closer together or push us apart.

Today and everyday, find at least one more way that you can make the connection between you just that little bit stronger.

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