Is It Time For A Change?

This year is nearly over and it is just a few days until the next one, so this is a good time to take a few minutes (or more) and ask ourselves, “Do I want more of the same, or is it a time for a change?”

Most marriages and families find themselves stuck in their state of being, in psychology they call it homeostasis, where we do things we do, and interact the way we interact, simply because that’s what we have always done. It’s kinda like the movie Groundhog Day, where everything is the same and you know what is going to happen before it even happens.

All of us have a part of our relationship that is not going anywhere, an area where you are your partner are not connecting and not achieving the meaningful intimacy that you both desire. NOW is the time to decide to change that!

You can make it better by changing what you do or how you speak (you don’t have to change your personality). For some that change is small, as small as remembering to turn around and say goodbye before leaving the house, or goodnight before going to sleep. Small changes make a real difference and don’t have to hurt.

People often tell me that they “will do whatever it takes to have a good marriage,” and that might be a MASSIVE change. Do you need to change apartments, jobs or relocate to another city to have the marriage you want? Does your whole attitude and approach to role definitions, conflict resolution or problem solving need a change to create the closeness you are missing? What do you need change?

Rosh HaShana will be here in only a few days, the changes you commit to now will shape your whole year. Be brave!

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