Greeting and Meeting

Life is hectic, crazy, busy we are either coming or going and there is always something to do, their never seems to be time to connect.

Healthy long lasting marriages are nourished with the smallest, and even seemingly trivial moments of connection. In the language of marriage guru John Gottman, every time a husband or wife turn towards each other they are building their marriages. Every time you try to involve your spouse in your life by sharing something with them you are drawing the two of you together.

Mostly these moments will be spontaneous and natural, but other times they need to be planned (just like a romantic evening needs planning). Two perfect opportunities exist every day when you can create a meaningful moment of turning towards each other; when you leave each other in the morning and when you meet each other in the evening.

Decide to make these two daily happenings special times of connection, choose something that will draw you closer. It can be a kiss, a hug or a special phrase, when you make a commitment to do this it takes the guess work out of connecting, you know it is going to happen even when you are having a bad day.

Connecting doesn’t have to be spontaneous and it doesn’t have to take a long time. Lots of small doses of connection (texting during the day, a quick hug, sharing news, folding laundry together) add up to make a happy marriage.

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