Building a Jewish Homeland One Home At a Time

This week we celebrate Israel’s independence and remember the many thousands of men and women who died fighting to making that a reality. Building a secure Jewish homeland is a dream and goal that we have been working towards for many hundreds of years.

There is one group of men in particular that are totally exempt from taking part in the battles to build the homeland. They are the newly married men in their first year of marriage.

Our soldiers, all too often, have been called on to make the ultimate sacrifice, but the Torah is teaching us a powerful idea. It is pointless to build a homeland if you haven’t first built a home. Men in their first year of marriage need to put 100% focus into building rock solid foundations for their home so are exempt of their military duties because they have family duties.

An engineer friend of mine once told me, “If a building goes up it will probably stay up.” That may well be true for the physical house but the home needs constant maintenance, so building a secure home does not just take one year, it takes a lifetime.

Ask yourself;

  • when is the last time you thought about what your relationship needs to flourish?
  • has your relationship grown same-old-same-old?
  • how do you make time for openness, sharing, connection and intimacy?

If you are in your first year of fiftieth year of marriage remember that at a happy home is the foundation of the Jewish people.

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