Ask Before You Judge

It has been a beautiful day here in Southern California and our kids are on winter break, and we have family visiting so I took everyone to Santa Monica to ride their bikes on the beach. We have one of those contraptions where you hang your bikes of the back off the car and I have always hated driving with it. Well, today was my lucky day! About three blocks from the beach when were stopped at a red light, the bikes fell off! (Thank Gd we were not moving.)

Being cool in a crisis I untangled the bikes from the holder, sent the kids ahead to a safe stopping place and folded the bike rack. The mail man and the bus that were behind us patiently waited for a space in the traffic and moved on. Just as I was getting back in the car a nice man in a black SUV shouts, “Yo dude! This isn’t a parking lot!”

Thanks buddy, and this wasn’t an IQ test!

How many times have you walked into a situation and spoken before you thought or reacted before you reasoned? It is something that we all do, and something we have to learn to change. We can only see what is on the surface, kind of like the duck analogy, where everything looks serene above the water but the ducks feet are frantically paddling below the surface. When we walk into the house or into a room and judge the situation or person badly we nearly always get it wrong.

We have to make a conscious effort to hold back on judging and react so we have time to really see what is going on.

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