Share the Good Times

If, Gd forbid, someone close to us suffers a loss, we are right there at their side, offering support and giving comfort. We would never think of turning our back and leaving them to their grief, and disappearing to take care of our own needs. And rightly so.

What about in times of happiness, success or triumph? Are you still right there sticking with your guy/gal? When your husband or wife experiences joy are you as conscious of their need to share it with you and to have your support?

Tragedy is a great way of bringing people together. Joy is much nicer.

Empathy is; putting yourself out to understand and feel ALL of the emotions that someone else is feeling. Think of time when you were excited or proud of yourself, didn’t you just want to share, if you were by yourself you probably reached straight for the cell phone to tell your Mom, Dad or best friend. When we are happy we also want to share that emotion and be around other people. (Maybe this why footballers, and the like, jump all over each other when they score.)

When your partner has something exciting to tell you, get excited with them. Show them that their happiness is your happiness. If it is a friend getting engaged or having a baby, a promotion or positive assessment at work or they are just feeling great, be there with them celebrating. Your job is to help them feel supported. When you are too busy, preoccupied or act like a wet blanket you burst their bubble.

When you share in your partner’s joy you take your relationship to higher levels of intimacy. When they know they can share anything with you and be supported they will keep coming back to you for that love.

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