Keep It In The Family

One of the best known slogans for a vacation location has to be, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” There are just some things that people don’t need to know and probably shouldn’t know!

No, no, no!! I am not telling you to run off to Vegas and keep it secret from your husband or wife; that is not a good idea. But it is OK to have secrets, from other people.

Actually, I will go a lot further than that, you are supposed to have secrets from other people, especially your parents. When I know that I can depend on you not to talk to the world about our lives, I have more confidence, more security, more trust and greater commitment towards you.

In a marriage or any close relationship we regularly experience a wonderful range of feelings, emotions and events that can be good or bad, sometimes positive and sometimes negative. A great step you can make to increase your intimacy is to only share them if you KNOW that your partner will not mind. A married couple is a distinct unit that must have healthy boundaries between them and their family and friends.

There is one couple I know and every couple of months I see their Facebook profile picture switch from being a lovey-dovey picture of the two of them to a picture of the dog, hmmm! I wonder what kind of week they are having! I don’t need to know, and neither does anyone else.

Sure we need to have friends and we need to talk to get our heads clear and get advice, but decide carefully who you tell, and what you tell them. Remember, if you do opt to tell your parents something negative about your spouse, they will never forget and they will probably never forgive, even when you have.

Make your marriage a sanctuary where you can always be coming closer together.

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