An Extra Word … or Two

Efficiency is a great thing, something to aspire for, the quicker we can get the job done the better. Corporations spend millions on consultants to tell them how to get the job done that little bit faster.

All this is great if you are producing widgets, but not so great if you are working at making warm, nurturing and loving relationships. When you are focused on getting the job done, that is when you want to know the best and quickest way to do it. When you are am focused on your marriage, then all you need to know, is the best way, and it doesn’t matter if it takes a little longer.

We talk to each other all the time, and when we talk there are two ways to get our message across; the quick way or the right way. If you are asking for something, making a request or even a complaint, you will build your relationship by taking the time to think of the best way to say it, and by taking the time to say it in the best way.

“Pass me the book!” or “Please can you pass me the book next to you when you can.”

“The trash is overflowing again!” or “Honey, when you are finished what you are doing do you mind taking out the trash please.”

Go out of your way to use a few extra words to communicate you love and respect for your partner, show with your words that you honor and appreciate them. Then you will be moving quickly towards creating an atmosphere that is warm, loving and nurturing.

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