Rosh HaShana is coming …

Rosh HaShana is coming in just two weeks from tonight. That means we need to get ready with our apples and honey to make sure that we have (with Gd’s help) a sweet and pleasant year. But is there anything else that we should be doing to work towards having an even sweeter and more pleasant year in our relationships and marriages?

New years come with resolutions and we know from our own experiences that nine out of ten don’t make it past the first couple of weeks. The main reason is that people don’t make a plan and they don’t tell anyone what they are working on improving. The number one way to be successful is achieving anything, is by knowing exactly what it is you are trying to achieve.

Your marriage can not be an exception to this rule. To have the dreamy, harmonious, love filled relationship you have always wanted takes planning. Now is a perfect time to plan how we are going to grow and grow together in our marriages.

The tool is; to create a vision for your marriage (just like successful businesses have a mission statement). A vision is not a set of expectations or a list of fears. Your vision is a description of how you desire your marriage to be, once you have the vision you can make an action plan on how to realize it.

An example might be:

We work together to understand each other and come closer together. We support each other’s goals and ambitions emotionally and practically. We bring Jewish values into our home. We are united with our approach to bringing up the children. We have fun together and make time for things that don’t have to get done. Helping and spending time with our extended family is a priority.

Sit down together and create your own vision, then start talking about what small actions you need to make to turn this into reality.

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