Is Marriage Getting Tougher By The Day?

When I tell people in my parents (and for sure grandparents) generation that I am a marriage educator and coach, I usually get the same response. Something like, “I don’t know why people need that, we never had any of that and we did OK!”

So what’s the deal, were they better at marriage than us, or is marriage just that much tougher now? Has the nature of marriage changed or is it the same but are we victims of the I-want-it-now disposable society?

Personally, I have only experienced marriage in the 21st Century, however I do read and listen to what other people have to say all the time. The answer that I hear about the most is that marriage is changing.

“Back in the day” marriage was all about providing an environment of security, safety and stability. A place that men and women could call home and return to at the end of the day, a place where they knew that their physical needs would be taken care of. Of course marriage also provided another vital function, having and raising children. Successful marriages had a lot to do with, how well you lived up to your responsibilities as a husband or wife.

Today, even if the stock markets are going crazy and gas prices are through the roof, we are materially more comfortable than ever before. So, marriage is changing too as we have more time and more time together with each other. Now we look for greater love and deeper levels of intimacy in our relationship. We are looking to build marriages, where we are still fulfilling our obligations, but are also a source of friendship and a place where love and companionship can flourish.

Today, right now, commit to one positive change to make your marriage flourish.

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