Have a Right Eyed Marriage

We have two eyes to view the wonderful world around us, the same two eyes that we use to look at our partners and our marriages, the right one and the wrong one.

We need both of these eyes. One is always looking to see the flaws and what needs correcting or improving, that is how we make the world a better place. The other eye appreciates the positive in everyone and every situation, this eye lets us enjoy and celebrate everything that is good. If we only use one of our eyes, we get a skewed perspective of whatever it is we are looking at.

When we think about our partners and our marriages we chose which eye to use. We can either chose to focus on the positive or the negative. Is the glass half empty of half full? It does not matter, it just depends on how you look it at.

In the words of the famous Monty Python movie, “Always look on the bright side of life.” When we chose to use out “right” eye, we look at what is good and beautiful with our marriages and partners, and it helps us to appreciate them and encourages us to work on making the good bits a bigger part of our relationships. Being focused on the good makes us happier and brighter people, a pleasure to be around and someone that our spouses will want to draw closer to.

When we loose focus we give to much attention to our “wrong” eye, the one that is on the look out for problems and mistakes. This creates an atmosphere of tension in your home and you feel like you are walking on egg shells.

In our kids school they have a raffle and you win entry tickets when you are “caught doing something right”. See what you can catch your partner doing right today.

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