The Shortcut To A Great Marriage

A great marriage happens when two people with different histories, personalities and interests commit together to learn how to live in harmony. Marriages work when men and women strive to draw closer to each other and learn how to communicate in all spheres of their relationship.

We have instant access to pretty much everything we want and we would love to know the shortcut to get to that beautiful state of marital bliss too.

I can give you the shortcut, it might just take a long time to get there!

The biggest single thing you can do to make your marriage (and all your relationships great) is to give. Give up being the most important person in your life and give to your partner instead.

Marriage is learning how to unite two people, it is a cheesy line but I like it.

The only difference between being united and untied is where you place the I.

Any man or woman who is focused on themselves and what they can take from life and get from the people around them, will have an extremely hard time building meaningful and lasting relationships. We long for the feeling of closeness and connection with our partners, but when their ego or selfishness is always in the room with us, it is impossible to feel fully connected.

Start taking the “I” out of your relationship by asking yourself, “What can I do to make my husband/wife happier today?”

Think of ways that you can give more. You can give your time, you can give emotional support, you can give gifts, you can give practical help, you can give encouragement, you can give space, you can give a listening ear, you can give compliments and gratitude, you can give a kiss or a hug.

The ways you can give are only limited by your desire to give.

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