You Disrespecting Me?!

Did you ever get in to a fight because you felt that you were not being spoken to respectfully? Couples can disagree about what is an appropriate way of speaking to each other, so I have a three part test that you can use to see if you are treating your partner respectfully.

Would you speak to your own child like that? We all kinda get it, that we have a duty to build our kids self confidence and to make them into well balanced and independent people. So, we are careful how we speak to them, making sure that we don’t label them or call them abusive names. We try and always speak softly and convey our love through our speech

Would you speak that way to a person that you respect? Think of someone that you really admire and think how you would speak to them. You would make every effort to be polite, calm and courteous. You would choose your words and your timing carefully to show the best side of you to generate more mutual feelings of respect.

Would you do it if 100 million people were watching? There is an endless list of celebrities and politicians who have made sexist or racist jokes in private, then woken up the next day to see it repeated across the media. If they had know that 100 million people were listening, they would not have said it. Imagine there is a camera watching you, displaying to the world every word you are saying, would you be proud of your behavior. When we are in private with our partners for sure we can be more relaxed but we must always speak to them with absolute respect.

The essence of a human being is his/her ability to speak, every time we speak to each other we have to use that ability to show that we respect, love and admire one another.

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