What are men thinking when they buy Valentine’s gifts?

Yes, yes, I know all the women just said, “Men think!”

I was listening to the radio a couple of days ago and they were talking about a study done by Professor Barber at the University of New Hampshire. He wanted to find an answer to the question, what are men thinking when they buy gifts?

He came to the conclusion that men are looking for the biggest WOW factor, they are on the lookout for the gift that will get the most praise, the biggest bang for their buck. That’s why jewelry is such a popular choice, almost guaranteed to generate the wow.

Men and women both want to be respected, but the way that they feel respected is very different. Men feel respected when they or their achievements are recognized and praised and women feel respected when they know they have their man’s attention and affection.

So, when a man goes shopping for a gift for his wife or girlfriend (or both) he chooses one that is a safe bet will earn him lots of praise. Women on the other hand will browse around for hours looking for the perfect gift, because they express their love by showing that they are thinking about you.

Professor Barber also has some advice for the men on how they can do even better.

He suggests that a guy should “find items their partner likes, for example a certain type of sweater, snap a quick cell phone picture or remember the style, then go to a store and ask a sales clerk for help finding something similar. Your mate may like it even more than jewelry.”

So, men shop smart and women remember to give the big “Wow!”

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