Capture The Moment

“I promise, just one more picture, then I won’t bother you anymore!”

When we were engaged and first married we were forever taking pictures trying to capture great moments. We have pictures of our first apartment, first burnt brownies, first Shabbat table and first car. There was always something special and memorable happening that we wanted to have a keepsake of.

Every time we face a camera, we smile and it’s a feel good moment, and in the age of the digital camera, straight away you can take a look and make the image better. Photos help us remember the special events and moments we experience. But why did we stop clicking or turn the camera around and only focus on the kids?

Sure, we get busy and we have more responsibilities, but we still need to cherish each new joint experience.

A close friend of ours passed away a couple of years ago. When his wife went looking for pictures of them as a married couple, so she could remember all of the happy times, she realized that after seven years of marriage there were only a few pictures of the two of them. She told us to make sure that we keep taking the pictures so we can keep the memories growing with us.

The camera will capture the moment, we have to create the moment. Buy a photo album as an excuse to go somewhere or do something different to get pictures to fill it. Is it time to update your Facebook profile? Another great reason to give each other a hug and a big smile. Go to a photo booth and snap some fun pictures, or take the camera on the next date night and ask a passerby to take a picture of you.

Taking pictures helps you focus on creating good memories. Remember, there is always one thing that you can count on and that is change. It’s not only the kids that grow, as a couple we grow closer together, it’s worth capturing.


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