True Love

ow can we know if we are experiencing love? Many people tell me that you will just know when it happens, but that leaves me feeling somewhat insecure, maybe I will never just feel it. It would be so much more comforting to know a description, so we can know what to look out for.

Try this one:-

Love is; the ability to give to someone else and to be just as concerned about their dreams, needs, hurts and successes as we are about our own. It does not depend on anything outside of your relationship (not money, health or children) but it must be fed everyday in order to grow.

Love is the giving of oneself and the giving up of your own will to fulfill someone else’s. A person who loves, gives with all his powers to his or her loved one. A married person who loves, feels the desire to be concerned for and to help their partner.

Many people feel this love inside, but this love must also be expressed in speech and action so that our partners will feel it too. We can express love by showing concern and support for our partners hopes, desires, challenges and successes.

Feelings of love thrive in a marriage when both partners remember that they must feed the love.  (Adapted from The Challenge of Marriage by Sima Basry)

Take five minutes right now, to think of ways that you can do a better job at putting your partner’s will before yours. Give yourself a score out of ten on how well you are doing at express your love in action, then make a plan how to improve.

We would love to hear your description or definition of love too.

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