Help Someone Else’s Marriage Today

An essential part of falling in love is thinking that this guy/girl is sooooooo special, this is when your friend tells you that they have never met anyone like him/her they are “sooooooo wonderful”.

To stay in love and to hang around in a relationship, you have to maintain that feeling that you are with a very very special person. You have to be sure to always respect them and hold them in high esteem.

Respect and esteem come from focusing on another person’s qualities, but sometimes we get blinded by the smokescreen created by the craziness of life. Those rose tinted glasses that we used to look through have become dark and scratched.

Do you know anyone that is happening to? Even if you don’t, keep reading for a great way to help a friend.

We all have a tremendous ability to be aware of other people’s skills and talents. Take a look around at your friend’s partners and notice something admirable about them. Then next time you see them or speak to them, in a casual way you can drop a one liner.

You might say; “She always pays attention when you speak” or “He has so much patience” or “I have never seen anyone so committed to a relationship before”. A simple statement like this will help them focus on their partner’s greatness.

Make today Help A Friend Day.

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