The Winning Attitude

Imagine a job where you have to work every day of the week, every week of the year, and every year for the rest of your life. Did I mention there is no pay? Any takers!

Being married is the most important job that you are ever going to have. It is also the most challenging, confusing and complicated one there is. But don’t worry, it is also beyond comparison the most rewarding, uplifting and satisfying experience that exists.

To be successful in the job of marriage you have to have the winning attitude. You need to approach your marriage with the seriousness and commitment of a person determined to be the best in their career. If you work or go to school, remember, that is just what you do during the day or to earn money. The job that counts is the one that starts when you get home.

As you walk in the door of your home be ready to take a deep breath and dive straight in to the multitude of tasks that lie ahead of you. Home is not the place where you come once you have finished trying to be successful for the day. Home is the place you come to make an effort to have the best marriage and family that you can.

Sometimes the effort is mental, thinking how to communicate correctly. Sometimes the effort is emotional, pushing yourself to be kind, compassionate or affectionate. Sometimes the effort is physical especially when you have young children. Whichever you need to do today, remember this is the most important thing that you could be doing.

The truth is that marriage is more important even than parenting! You are not giving the best opportunity to your children when there is animosity, disrespect or abuse between you and your spouse. You even need to take time off from the job of parenting to be the best at your job of marriage.

If you are thinking what resolutions you need to make for the coming year, commit to work harder … at home.

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