Gifted Giving

Everyone likes to receive gifts and no one ever says no to cash! But I’m sure you too have received some pretty useless things over the years, clothes that don’t fit, food that you don’t like or even checks that you can’t cash because Great Aunt Annie got your name wrong.

Giving in the just the right way is not as easy as you might think. In fact it is such a special skill we use it as one of the praises of Gd in our daily prayers. We describe Gd as the “giver of good kindness”, because a kindness done for the wrong person, at the wrong time or in the wrong way is just no good at all. Gd in His infinite wisdom gets it right every time.

We just received an unusual wedding invitation from some friends of ours and it included the following poem:

We appreciate that you may be thinking of a gift,

There’s no need, of course, but if you insist …

Then what to get for Chatan (Groom) and Kallah (Bride)?

A gift, some money or a nice schmatta?

If you are good enough to be so kind.

Money would be our preference if you don’t mind.

We have to be careful that we are giving in a way that the recipient will feel loved. Don’t plan a romantic picnic out in the country if your husband has hay fever or allergies and definitely don’t take your vegetarian date to a steak restaurant!

Remember, a gift is for the benefit of the recipient, not an opportunity for you to feel good because you are doing the right thing. Before you give in any way (at this time of year or any other!!) ask yourself what they would most benefit from or enjoy.

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