When we trust our spouses it gives us confidence that no matter what comes our way and no matter where we are, we are going to be OK. Trust allows us to be open, honest and vulnerable with each other and to share from deep within us without fear of rejection.

Trust also creates a sense of emotional security. With this security you can have the confidence to push yourself to have those difficult conversations, the conversations that you MUST have to be able to move your marriage upwards and onto a higher level.

It takes a lifetime to build trust but only a second to lose it.

Here are some simple ways to go about building greater trust in your relationship.

Your word is golden.
If you don’t mean it, don’t say it and if you say it, make sure you mean it. Get into the habit of choosing your words carefully so that your partner knows that when you say something they can be sure that you are expressing what you really mean. When you make a commitment, make sure that you can stand behind it. Even something as simple as; “I will be home in ten minutes”, has to mean that you will be home in ten minutes.

Show respect.
Show your partner respect for their ideas, suggestions, emotions, thoughts and even dreams. When you give your partner validation you generate huge amounts of trust because they know whatever they say they are not going to be ridiculed, attacked or put down. Every time you support them in this way – even when you don’t agree – you are guaranteeing that they will be open with you again.

Give pleasure.
Be focused on what you can give to the relationship. When you show through your positive actions that you are fully committed to the relationship you generate trust. When your partner sees, hears and feels that you are consciously trying to give them pleasure they will take great pleasure in being with you.

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