Be A Boy/Girlfriend To Be A Great Wife/Husband

I asked someone during this week how their relationship is going and I was pleasantly surprised when she told that it was much better. I asked her what was making a difference and her insight was fantastic, and I am going to share it with you now.

She said that she has been acting like a girlfriend rather than a wife!

The depth of maturity and understanding shown here is great. After slowly realizing that she couldn’t control her husband’s rate of change, she took control of something she could change, her own thoughts, attitude, actions and speech. She told me that life is so much more pleasant and enjoyable now, because when you focus on giving you also reap the benefits.

The difference between a girlfriend / boyfriend and a husband / wife is dramatic. The image I conjure up of a girlfriend is a younger, more bouncy, happy and loving person who is always looking to impress and attract. A boyfriend, is attentive and romantic, wants to show he cares, wines and dines, uses words of affection and is polite and respectful. Husbands and wives can loose themselves in laundry, mortgage payments and soccer practice, feel their needs are not being met while brewing resentment for their unmet expectations.

The Divine plan is always perfect for us. To become a great married couple always takes stretching, dedication, commitment and hard work. Turn that effort inwards and see how fast you can build up your own muscles and stamina so that the next challenge won’t appear so hard. Our spouses are not perfect but they are perfect for us.

Be a girl/boyfriend today and take charge of the environment in your home.

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