Praying for your marriage

Last week we introduced the idea, that we can learn how to strengthen our marriages by using the same “tricks” that we have been given to strengthen our relationship with Gd. They are Teshuva, Tefila, Tzedaka – Repentance, Prayer and Charity.

This week we are going to continue with some ideas on how we can use prayer to strengthen our relationships and marriages.

The day of our wedding is described as being a “time of opportunity”, when the heavens are open and Gd is closer and, so to speak, hears our prayers more loudly. One of the pieces of advice that we give to a couple, is that when the bride is walking around the groom seven times, they should choose seven different things to pray for together.

When a couple sits down and talks about their wishes and dreams, and then puts them into a top seven ranking, this will undoubtedly bring them closer together. It will give them a far greater understanding of each other and by harmonizing them it will also bring them closer together.

Give it a try. First take a look at this article for some ideas of things that you might want to include on your list.

When we pray we need to say what we feel at the moment. Right now what are you worried or anxious about, pray for it! Right now what do you need to strengthen your relationship, pray for it! Right now what does your partner need to make their lives easy, better and more successful, pray for it! Then give Gd the chance and opportunity to answer.

When we pray for our spouses it means that we are making ourselves sensitive to their needs, and that we are letting go of some of ourselves to make room for them. Anything that we can do to train us to be less self-centered is great for our marriages.

We might find it easy or natural to pray for children and that our children will be successful, but it is so much more critical to pray for our marriages. Our best chance of having healthy, stable children is by making sure that they grow up surrounded by a healthy, happy, stable marriage. So pray for it!

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