Charity Starts At Home

This week we have the third and final part in our mini series where we have been learning lessons for our marriages from the upcoming High Holidays. The third vital element (to join with repentance and prayer) is tzedakah – charity.

Speaking of charity … the Jewish Marriage Institute’s mission is:

To provide marriage education at all stages of life to give couples the best skills possible to give themselves a happy marriage and the best opportunity of having a stable, well balanced successful family.

We rely on your generosity to enable us to continue our vital work. Please visit our website to see how to donate.

Everyone gives charity, people are doing it all the time right across the world, Americans give over $300 billion dollars to worthy causes. The Torah says it is not just about the amount, true tzedakah is when you look at another person and see what they need, and give that to them. One person may need money, but another may need a hug, emotional support, food or advice.

Tzedakah is an essential element when we set out to repair our relationship with Gd because the process of giving says, “It’s not just about me”. When we are willing to give away our hard earned money we are recognizing the Creator as the source of what we have.

In our marriages there are unlimited opportunities to give. We have to take a look out our spouse’s lives and think, what do they really need. Then when you give it to them, you are making a statement to them that; “I care about you, I want to give to you and I have put in the effort to think about how I can help you the most.”

Your act of giving can be anything from doing the dishes, running a bath, organizing a vacation or working harder to provide more money. The ways you can give are as varied as your imagination. Maybe you spouse needs more time together, or more time alone, or maybe some compliments and praise are what they need to get through the day.

Giving creates love, find more ways to be a giver.

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