A Happy Marriage

Tonight is the start of the holiday of Sukkot which is described by our sages as the Season Of Rejoicing. The joy we are supposed to feel does not come from any grand or spectacular events (like the Exodus from Egypt) but from the awareness that we live constantly in Gd’s beautiful world and that he provides everything that we need.

In our relationships and marriages too the true and long lasting joy that we can find rarely comes from the ostentatious or extremely expensive gestures. It comes from the awareness that our partners do innumerable little things for us and that we have their constant support and love and that we are a safe and trusting relationship.

Recently have you noticed and expressed your gratitude for the little things? When we do it makes our appreciate what we have and who we have.

Here is a list of things that you may not have noticed or may have become taken for granted. Noticing them will bring you more joy in your marriage.

making the beds

kiss hello/goodbye

doing the laundry

washing the car

cleared table after meal

took kids to school

called mother in law


bought flowers

made supper

paid the rent

took out the trash

said thank you

took dog to vet

made vacation plans

tended to the yard

gave you a compliment

called the babysitter

put trash can in the street

moved car for street cleaning

kept to budget

went to the gym

forgave you

bought you a coffee

didn’t interrupt

let me sleep in

said that you looked good

turned out the lights

went grocery shopping

took child to doctor

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