Looking Back and Going Forward

When you kick back at the end of the day with your cup of coffee or class of scotch and think about your day, are filled with contentment or regret?

At the end of a successful day we might stop and appreciate all the blessings that we have. A loving family, spouse and kids. A job, a home to live in and some money in the bank. On other days we may stop and look back at what we said and wish that we could suck our words back in, or rewind the tape and redo the scene, just like they get to when they make movies.

There are no second chances for today, but there is a first chance for tomorrow, a chance to get it right first time.

How can you get yourself into a position where you will not wish that you could redo your day? Start your day with an unconditional “I love you”, to your partner and your kids and you can even add, “Can’t wait to see you this evening.”

Say sorry if yesterday ended on a bad note, and make it a sincere apology without the word “but”. “I sorry that I yelled when you came home late last night”, and remember to leave off “but the kids were driving me crazy.” By recognizing what happened without being defensive validates your partner and expresses love and respect.

Remember, all good things only come through hard work. It is true for school, career and the perfect golf swing, and especially relationships. Take a deep breath and remind yourself, that if you are going to make a success of your relationship/marriage you are going to have to put maximum effort into it today. And be prepared that today might be a bumpy ride on your road to success, but you can deal with it because you know where you want to be.

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