How To Stay Cool, Calm and Collected

It’s really hot outside. The highs for Los Angeles today are at 98 degrees. We are in the middle of a heat wave!!!!

How can I get into that hot car again????? But I have to, carpool, errands and work beckon! I am 100% committed to being there for my kids, my colleagues and my home, but can I really do that car journey again?.

The voice inside my head says, “Yes, you can do it”. Focus on the mantra “stay centered, balanced, relaxed … stay centered, balanced, relaxed.”

In Rabbi Pliskin’s book, he posses the following scenario. Imagine someone offered you a large sum of money to develop a skill. The skill of remaining calm and centered when faced with challenges, criticism, anger or nagging. You would definitely be motivated by the money to work on these skills. If they were offering enough money to change your life, you would read anything you could, consult all the experts and practice every day until you were the best.

Living a joyous stress free life with a happy marriage makes you wealthier than the richest person on the planet. So, spend as much time as you need on this skill. It will transform your challenges into moments of great growth and joy!

Even when it is your partner that gets you off balance, that is just an illusion. Only you can get yourself off balance. Start by talking to yourself in ways that make you calmer, visualize a relaxing scene, learn some breathing exercises, whatever you need to do to take control of your own emotional state.

Right now, I’m visualizing sinking into a cool bath of ice cubes.

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