Be Each Other’s Biggest Fan

Who do you idolize?

Think of your (sorry to be crass) favorite pin up, singer, politician, activist, hero etc. You think they are amazing because they are very talented at something. Our job as a wife/husband is to be the loudest cheer leader for our spouse. This means that no matter what, we are supporting them, and they know it. They see it, hear it and feel it from you verbally and through your actions every day.

We need to be able to walk around with the feeling that no matter what challenges, successes or curve balls we experience in our daily lives, that someone at home is accepting me and rooting for me every step of the way. Whatever the outcome.

Their job is their responsibility, they have to try their hardest to do what they have to do. Your responsibility is to help them put in the effort by making sure they know that no matter the outcome that they are and always will be supported. It takes away much of the fear factor and pressures of life when you know that if you don’t get the job, promotion or the exact groceries on the shopping list I am still loved.

In Judaism success is defined by the effort not the achievement. Feeling accepted and supported through thick and thin builds confidence and self esteem and nurtures contentment. Take away the egg shells and throw down petals. This week tell your spouse that no matter what happens in your life, you are 100% behind them and on their team. Remember to make sure that you do it with eye contact and finish with a hug!

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