Quality Time

Who would like a vacation? Anyone want to go to a spa? How about paid leave from work so the two of you can go on a romantic getaway, to a resort where other people cater to your every need? I think it sounds great!!!

It sounds great because life is a busy, crazy, a rat race, mundane, routine and full of distractions that take you away from being in vacation mode with each other.

So, what can you do instead? Make mealtimes an opportunity for a romantic dinner together, letting the answer phone take the calls.  Change your cell phone into a device that creates intimacy thru texting each other with short cute messages just for the heck of it, instead of being a device that eats into your private time.  Be addicted to each other, not the phone.

How about setting aside time for a daily walk before or after work, or any other quality activity, even if it only takes 15 minutes as long as it connects you and helps to make sure that the two of you are walking in the same direction.

Our marriage relationship is often taken for granted, Rabbi Twerski uses the example of a lawn that needs nutrients and upkeep to eliminate the weeds, the same holds true for marriage. It needs our time and attention to stop unwanted stress and outside distractions from harming its growth.

But I know what you are thinking! “I DON”T have any time to give”. How can you create time when you just don’t seem to have any? Here are a few thoughts for you: Give up the Sunday morning lie in to have a leisurely breakfast together. Buy in dinner once a week so you don’t have to spend time cooking. Schedule a time or a date with your spouse as you would any doctor’s appointment to maintain your good health. When you are driving home from work have a phone date, or a lunch hour phone date.

Use your imagination, get outside of the box and be creative to make sure you have time for each other.

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