Words From The Heart

Everyone wants to know THE secret to a great marriage. Well, here it is …. there isn’t one. There is no secret formula we are all so different and the challenges and victories that we experience span a wider spectrum than any one person could imagine. There are some great tips that will work for everyone. Here is one for you to think about and put into practice.

Remind yourself often what you love about each other.

One woman put it like this:

When I’m busy around the house taking care of meals, laundry or the kids mess I take a moment to remember. I remember the hours that my husband works to provide for us, his patience, commitment to our family and generosity. I chuckle as I remember a bad joke and his quirky humor.

When you spend time reflecting on the good qualities of your spouse, your love, affection and adoration for each other will grow.

One husband told me:

The way that I maintain a high feeling of esteem for my wife is to think about her great qualities and the things that she does for me. On the way home each day I try to think of another trait that I admire, sometimes I work through the alphabet. It might be: Affectionate, Best cook around, Cares for the dog, Doesn’t get upset when I am late, etc.

Here are some words to get you started, and when you have picked a few (or come up with your own) go ahead and share them.

Warm, Peaceful, Belonging, Sense of us, Shares, Passionate, Trustworthy, Gentle, Kind, Caring, Plans for the future, Gives, Security, Treasure, Reliable, Empathetic, Honorable, Loyal, Team player, Pure, Understanding, Supportive, Friend, Encouraging, Knowing, Committed, Loving, Responsible, Respectful, Open, Sincere, Laughter, Considerate, Accepted, Spirit, Soul, Sex, Together, Complete.

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