You Giving Me Attitude?!

Your attitude is your biggest strength in your marriage.

Your attitude towards your spouse, yourself and the craziness that is going on all around you is the biggest factor in the success of your relationship.

Attitude #1 – Hide under the rock. Marriage is a bumpy road to happiness and greatness, but if you choose to bury your head in the sand and pretend that your problems don’t exist, they won’t go away. Solution: Start working on the feeling of security between you, so you will have the confidence to bring up difficult issues without fear of rejection.

Attitude #2 – Everything is fine. Fine is a pretty weak description of the relationship that is supposed to bring you joy and fulfillment. Leaving your marriage on the back burner to take care of the kids, the business or the home is not going to increase your level of satisfaction. Solution: Take a class or some time to figure out where the fizzle has gone and start trying to put it back.

Attitude #3 – If only … If only we had more money, if only we had more time, if only we had more/less kids, if only I had married someone else! When you keep looking at what you don’t have you will never find pleasure in the wonderful life that you can create with what you do have. Solution: Give your husband/wife one compliment and one praise everyday and you will soon see all the good that you have.

Attitude #4 – It’s down to me. This is a winning attitude, marriage is a partnership where each partner is 100% responsible. Wake up everyday and think what can I do to make my wife/husband happier and to show them that they are the most important thing in my world.

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