You Don’t Have To Be Right To Be Right

I was out the other day and I heard a women say to her husband, “I have to get home now because I would like to make you that casserole dish you love. It takes an hour and I want to have plenty of time.”

I thought “ahhh that’s thoughtful,” but I couldn’t believe what I heard when her husband responded.

He said, “No it doesn’t, it only takes fifty minutes.” Ouch!!

Recently at a Shabbos meal I saw the following less than lovely interchange take place. Every time Peter tried to tell a funny story, his wife Claire would correct his punch-line. He would say, “then ten people cut in front of me in the line!” and she would chip-in with, “No, it wasn’t ten it was six.”

We all like to be truth seekers, when it suits us. Often we will correct our husbands or wives in the name of accuracy, but all it does is demonstrates a lack of respect and is a very damaging habit.

In both these examples the correction was totally not needed and took away the talkers joy in sharing. Ultimately the danger is that your spouse will stop sharing their stories, dreams and plans all together. Being right can not be more important than protecting the feelings of someone you love.

Enjoy each other.

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