Marriage – A Team Sport

One of the key ingredients of a successful marriage is remembering that you are on the same team.

When Gd arranges the marriage of Adam and Eve He says, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and cling to his wife and they shall become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24) Two important phrases in that sentence, “cling” and “one flesh”. The way to attain marital unity or harmony is by clinging together.

Gd forbid if you were shipwrecked and you were stranded in the ocean and a piece of wood drifts by you would cling onto it and never stop. In a marriage we can become one by always trying to find ways of clinging closer together.

That is where TEAMWORK comes in. You become close by always working on being a better team and being better team mates. Marriage is a TEAM sport, but you are on the SAME team, and you need to be always cheering for and supporting your team.

Some of the characteristics of a good team are:

v     Work as a team

  • You are pulling in the same direction by working together.

v     Cover your own positions

  • Take responsibility for yourself, your own effort and your behavior.

v     Play be the rules

  • Setting limits creates security.

v     Strategy

  • Your marriage needs a “vision”.

v     Practice to stay good

  • You have to work at it everyday single day to the be the best you can.

v     Ejected for bad behavior

  • No one wants to suffer a trip to the doghouse!

v     “Take one for the team”

  • Be prepared to give and to give-in even when you are not in the mood

Most of all — enjoy playing!

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