Jewish Romance

Cupid is a nice guy, but there is no place for him in the Jewish view of love. Romance is far too important to be left to the little cherub with the mis-firing bow-and-arrow who haphazardly shoots his arrows and makes people fall in love.

Jewish romance and love is never left to chance. Show your husband/wife that THEY are the center of your world (and not you), that is romantic. When you do something or say something that shows your partner that you are trying to be less selfish and more selfless that is romantic.

To have a relationship with Gd you have to be willing to move your ego aside to make room for him. A marriage is the same. When you are willing to give up being ‘me’ you can become ‘us’, that is when your relationship will flourish.

Real romance takes planning and preparation, so starting thinking about how you are going to show your husband/wife that you are thinking about them. Choose a night this week when you can have a romantic get-away, find a babysitter or dog walker so you can disappear for the day (without cell phones). When you put more effort into the planning, you are making a greater statement that, “You are important to me, I love you and I want to be with you.”

Remember the only difference between united and untied is where you put the “I”.

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