Take Control – Of Yourself

Emotional maturity and emotional intelligence are essential ingredients in every relationship, by getting in control of them you will make huge steps to improving the atmosphere in your home.

A great first step is to take control of you moods, you spouse or partner does not need to have a lousy evening because you had a lousy day at work, at school or with the kids.

You ARE in control of your emotions, moods and reactions because you have the amazing gift of free-will. God gave us the ability to be in control of ourselves. No one and no thing can force us to feel or respond in a certain way. When you choose, over and over again, to live with emotional intelligence despite the ups and downs, despite the difficulties and obstacles of life, then God says, “I love you more than I love the angels.”

The opportunities to practice are constant and continuous. The easiest response to someone who shows us a sour face is to return the same look. Don’t fall into the trap of using the excuse that I had no choice or it is was instinctive reaction. Did you ever ask or feel “do you expect me to control my facial expressions too?.” Start using your free will and your emotional intelligence to take control.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

“He was angry at me and started a fight, so I gave some of his own medicine.”
“She didn’t want to talk to me, so I showed her who could stay silent longer.”
“He thinks he is strong willed, I’ll show him!”

Take control of yourself, use your emotional intelligence to make your home the most peaceful and loving place it can be.

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