Remember You are Married to the Greatest Guy/Girl Around

In our marriages we have thousands of things to enjoy and celebrate about our husbands or wives, we just have to take the time to learn about them and to notice them. When we were dating and first married I am sure that you thought that your partner was the greatest, most wonderful and caring person in the world. If you still do that is great and go NOW and tell them. If that feeling has started to ebb away here are some tips to regenerate that admiration.

1 – List your partners three best positive characteristics.
2 – Talk about when you first met and what attracted you to each other.
3- Recall what made you choose this person over the rest of the world.
4- Look back and discuss some great memories of your lives together.
5- Think positive thoughts and back them up with an action:
e.g. Think: I am genuinely fond of my partner.
Do: List one characteristic each day for a week that you find endearing or lovable.

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