A Sense of Security

A feeling of security and stability is one of the most important factors is making any relationship or marriage last forever. Building an environment of trust and security in your home means “creating a safe emotional space for your spouse where he/she is not afraid to express his/her feelings and opinions.”

When you feel secure you long to be at home spending time with your spouse, and you do not find excuses to keep you physically or emotionally distant. When you feel secure you feel at ease to share your experiences or your emotions, you will not hold back from expressing yourself from fear of hurt or embarrassment.

Building trust and security takes time and effort, some great steps are to:
 Act with integrity.
 Share.
 Take responsibility – don’t blame.
 Never threaten to leave the marriage.
 Stay in control of your negative emotions to create stability in the home.
 Talk honestly – mean what you say and only say it if you mean it.
 Validate and accept your spouse for everything they are.
 Make boundaries and stick to them.

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