Forgive and Be Forgiven

Our relationships and marriages give us priceless joy and fulfillment but also leave us open to pain and sadness. At some time we all suffer some hurt in from our partners, it may be from discovering we were lied to or simply if they do not treat our feelings with enough sensitivity. At the time it is hard to think of forgiving but this is one of the keys of a successful marriage.

You need to take responsibility for your actions ask for forgiveness and forgive your partner for his or her actions or inactions. Forgiving is a process that takes time and results in giving up the urge to get even and only works if you let them out of the doghouse.

Think to yourself is there anything that I need to ask forgiveness for?

Here are five steps to make it work

1. state clearly what you did wrong
2. apologize, and make sure you mean it
3. accept that your behavior was hurtful
4. make a plan so that it will not happen again, you may have to make changes to your habits or behaviors
5. remember that your relationship is the most important thing in your life, even if you think you are right do it for the sake of your marriage.

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