Settle for the Best

A little boy named Johnny was playing marbles in his front yard. His uncle drove up and decided to play with the boy for a few minutes. Then the uncle reached into his pocket and pulled out a dime and a dollar.

“Johnny,” he asked, “would you like a dime today or a dollar next week?”

Johnny’s boyish eyes bounced back and forth between the shiny dime and the crisp greenback. He thought, I could buy a back of potato chips today, or I could wait until next week and buy a rubber ball. He felt some hunger pangs, so he grabbed the dime bought some chips and wolfed the down. They were delicious.

A week passed and when Johnny went out to play one afternoon he noticed that every other boy in his neighborhood had a rubber ball. He wanted one real bad; so he rode his bicycle over to his uncle’s house. “Hey, uncle, how about that dollar you promised me?” Johnny asked.

But his uncle looked down and said, “Johnny, last week I promised you a dime today or a dollar next week, and you made your choice. You can’t have the dollar now.”

We believe that God is big enough to give you the person you can love the most. Don’t settle for a dime if you can have a dollar.

NOTE: A 2009 study by the Australian National University found that partners who are on their second or third marriages are 90% more likely to separate than spouses who are both in their first marriage.

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